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Choosing a care home for a loved one with dementia

Moving to a care home is a life-changing event whatever your circumstances and it can be a very anxious time for the person and their relatives. The decision can be fraught with feeling of guilt and worry, and this can be particularly evident in cases where the person has dementia.

Residents with dementia have specific needs and requirements to keep them safe and comfortable, and need specialist support and understanding from the staff caring for them. In particular, for people with dementia, it is crucial to pay special attention to their eating and drinking for their wellbeing and encourage participation in physical activity and enrichment that is suitable for them to allow them to flourish.

Visit us and see for yourself

The best way to decide is to visit and look around. As a family member, or carer, it may be best to make the initial visit yourself and if you are happy, bring your relative along to spend some time and see how they react to the new environment.

We are happy to answer any questions you have

Moving your loved-one to a care home is a big decision, and it is crucial to take the time to do the research and ask the questions you need to make sure you feel you have made the right one. There is nothing worse than coming out of somewhere, only to immediately think of a dozen things you could have asked! This is why we recommend taking your time before your visit to think of any questions that you might like to ask about the home, and specifically about how it caters to residents with dementia.

Here are some possible questions that you might like to ask on your visit to us or any other potential are home.

  • What is included in the fees, and are there any additional charges which could be incurred?
  • How often are activities available, and do residents have access to the internet and a TV?
  • When are mealtimes, and is there any flexibility about the times residents can choose to take their meals?
  • Are there any restrictions on visiting times, and are pets able to visit too?
  • Are there ever times without a senior staff member on duty, and what is the staff to patient ratio?
  • What background checks and standard training do your employees receive?
  • How much knowledge do your staff have of dementia, and do they receive any dementia specific training?
  • How is the home adapted specifically for residents with dementia in terms of the facilities, layout and décor?
  • What is the procedure for handling medical emergencies?
  • Are there measures in place to prevent unauthorised entries and exits?
  • Are residents able to spend time alone if they wish to do so and is resident’s privacy respected?

You should also consider the following observations:

  • Does the home appear to be clean and well kept?
  • Is the home easy to navigate with space for wheelchairs and walkers?
  • Do the staff appear friendly, knowledgeable and are there plenty of staff on hand?
  • Do the residents seem generally happy and content?

Plan a test stay with us

There is only so much that you can experience during a short visit or walk around, so we are happy to arrange a trial day to give you and your loved one an opportunity to experience life in our home and ask more questions.

Book a Tour, Stay, or Test Stay

Your Home

  • “First class. Very homely, very clean and caring. Best decision I have made…she has been really loved and cared for.”

    Relative comment
  • “I feel my mam is in caring and excellent hands by all staff. They are always sincere and treat my mam as a person, not a number. I thank everyone for all they do to make her feel loved and at home.”

    Relative comment
  • “I think it is beautiful. I come unannounced and it is a nice atmosphere and is always clean.”

    Relative comment
  • “It’s wonderful – I feel 100% better since mum has been in here.”

    Relative comment