General Residential Care

Providing a comfortable and friendly home with the peace of mind that 24 hour care is at hand

At Fairways Care Home, we are as passionate about caring for your loved ones as you are. Moving into a care home can be a worrying time for both the resident and their families so we aim to ensure it is a positive experience and marks the start to another chapter in their life. A life that we aim to help be as fulfilling and rewarding as possible, whatever their physical ability or limitations.

For many people, once living in their own home is no longer possible, having the peace of mind that they have 24 hour care at hand should they need it, plus no longer having the worries of cooking, cleaning and maintaining a home, is a great relief.

A care home environment also brings together people and the opportunity for social interaction. Social isolation and loneliness can be a real problem for older people living in their own homes, especially following the death of partners and friends. Social isolation often leads to depression and negatively affects general health.

The chance to form new friendships and take part in group activities that are available in a care home setting, can therefore have a positive impact on the physical, mental and emotional health of the resident.

Looking after the individual

Every resident will have their own personal care plan that we put together in partnership with them, their families and health professionals. The care plan builds a picture of not only their health and wellbeing needs, but also their emotional needs and who they are as an individual.

This could be something as simple as how they like to be addressed, that they like a lot of butter on their toast or finding out about a loved hobby or interest. Our aim is to help each of our residents live their life to the full.

Medical support

We are not a nursing home, but work closely with other healthcare professionals such as GP’s and community nurses who can come in and administer insulin, change dressings etc. and so ensure our residents can remain in the comfort of their home when they need certain medical support rather than going into hospital.

If you have any questions you would like answering, or would like arrange a visit or trial stay, please call us on 01472 357911

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Our care philosphy

At Fairways Care Home our care philosophy is to provide a ‘home from home’ where residents receive individually tailored care, where dignity is respected and where each person’s interests are encouraged.

We cater for not only the physical needs of our residents but also focus on their social, emotional and mental needs.

Our aim is for all our residents to live their lives to the full.